Studio room looking like the internet in real life

I realize now that he was worried before the game even started @trilwil

Double up the double up

It ain’t worth the time if you don’t double up

Goyard box logo tee courtesy of @fang. I think I caught diabetes from all the champagne last night


We still doing it. I’m about to make myself @trilwil & @djmanniefresh even richer with this For Good project. #allusco

Bought the whole club champagne tonight. 100 bottles or more #allusco

Elevating #allusco

This was the original version of All’s Good that didn’t make that tape years ago

Downtown Dallas. Tonight is @thebeatsummit @fang @principe_cu

Pick ups

I’ll rap about it on For Good


Bape bucket, bag of Coke, and a Benz on this rainy afternoon